Who we are

The Mission sees itself as a Pentecostal Evangelical Church. Through faith in Jesus Christ, we are united to all professing Christians on earth. Our main goal is to help establish the global church of Jesus Christ. We all know that humanity exists across borders, and are partakers of the highs and lows of the human existence. As Christians, we know God loves us and knows our hearts are united through the Holy Spirit with God. Because Christ lives in us, our lives are not dominated by sin and selfishness, but by God's love and the Spirit of Jesus. Our life is not about ourselves, but about God and our fellow man. Also, our happiness does not depend on momentary gains or losses of material worldly things, but our lives must be characterized by steadfast love, joy, peace and hope for the future with Christ in God's glory. This good news and the wonderful impact it has on our lives, we cannot keep to ourselves, but we must share it with everyone. 

For this purpose, you are welcome to attend any of our meetings.

The Latter Rain Mission was born from the wish that God would act in the spirit of the present time, as described in the Acts. Prophetic books of the Old Testament indicated an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which is comparable with the main spring rains for the annual harvest in Israel; this was the reason for the name Latter Rain Mission.